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It depends on what “life” is in view, doesn’t it? If we are talking about the totality of one’s existence—here on earth as well as eternity—-then yes, the statement would be true. This life is indeed the best life that a lost soul could ever hope to live. However, if the statement refers to the believer’s life this side of heaven--I’m unaware of any Scripture which makes us choose between mediocrity or damnation.


Now, obviously, this appears to be a rebuke to Joel Osteen’s, Your Best Life Now but all one has to do to know what Osteen had in mind by the use of the term, is read the intro to the book. He discusses believers who tend to put things off to the future instead of choosing to live in the moment of God’s blessings for their lives today. If Voddie, John, or anyone else would like to point to something specific in the book that would cause someone to go to hell for believing or practicing it, I’d be happy to hear that argument.


Who knows,—-maybe some people have an entirely different idea in mind for this term than what we have been exploring here.


The point is, if we don’t take the time to define terms, then how will we know if both sides are even talking about the same thing?


As tempting as it may be to simply say things like this as a means of dunking on others and getting pats on the back by those within our tribe—very often there is much more groundwork that needs to be laid in order to have a productive dialogue.


As is the case here.




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