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 The Objective Believer is a resource for Charismatic, Word of Faith and Grace Message apologetics. We are dedicated to truth, honesty, and transparency.

Who is SJ Newell?

Well, for starters, I am not, "The Objective Believer." I'm well aware of my capacity for bias and I probably don't do the greatest job at being objective. The name describes our goal for the ministry. And we invite anyone to join us in pursuing it.

 That out of the way, I got started in this (let's call it, "new") field of apologetics, after years of weird and depressing encounters with other Christians. I'd find something super awesome in the Bible, try to share it with them, and I was met with all kinds of objections that usually sounded something like, "that's taken out of context" or, "that sounds like something that heretic, Kenneth Hagin, taught"----I was completely thrown off by these reactions because what I was reading was coming straight from the Bible. Other believers were seeing something completely different and I couldn't figure out why.  I began a journey for some answers and discovered much of this phenomenon (almost all) was based on assumptions people made about the Bible, logical fallacies they were committing in their reasoning . . . And emotional, unsubstantiated, gobbledegook. Along the way, I realized that all of these things I was seeing in other people, I was guilty of as well. I wanted to challenge myself to identify and uproot these strongholds from my heart and mind. 


     I figured since I'm going,  I may as well see if others wanted to come along.

      . . . Thus, The Objective Believer was born .

      (queue epic 80's ballad)

      Oh, and I live in Texas with my wife, five kids, and two dogs.

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