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This is a very popular idea circulating throughout the Body of Christ right now. And I'm not going to argue that there will be conformity to God’s commands. But there is a key piece of information that is often left out of these types of messages: The timeline and the degree of that conformity manifesting is not outlined by James. And, in fact, he uses a mind-blowing example in Rahab. While the Bible says she was justified, it was not because she stopped being a prostitute—-nor does it say she stopped as a result of being justified (read it). Instead, he points to just one single act of helping the Israeli spies.

That’s it.

No mention of turning from harlotry, praying three hours a day, or anything else. Yet she is justified. And it’s this event that James uses to convey the idea of faith and works (James 2:24-25).

So next time you think that you, or someone else isn’t doing enough to show a genuine conversion, get it out of your head that there’s some kind of abstract threshold or quota you’ve got to meet and instead, remember Rahab.

More importantly, remember Christ, your righteousness (1Cor 1:30).

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